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7 Ways to make your Online YTT
C'est Magnifique

March 01, 2020

3. Dive into meditation
Those who start training thinking that the main focus of the practice is the asana’s or physical practice of being on the mat. You might not believe that sitting still and clearing your mind of thoughts is useful, but trust me. This is the OG of ‘you-time’.

Meditation allows us to take stock of what is on our minds, evaluate it and then clear the muddy-water that fogs the mind. To find clarity when we feel lost.
And it isn’t something that is easy. It doesn’t require perfection or

4. Honour where you are in your journey
Truly honour where you are. There are plenty of people who take on YTT training who are complete beginners. You don’t need to be able to complete every yoga pose that ever existed (trust me, that would take a long time). But whether you are a yogi who's been practicing for years or is brand new to this life, be kind to yourself & honour the space that will grow as you study. There’s no need to rush to the finish line.

1. Be playful with your practice
 As you begin to learn and come to understand more about the traditional poses, practice and eight limbs of yoga; you have this space to try out different aspects of the practice.
Be playful! With online studying you have this time to apply all that interests you as you learn. Try out the traditional sun salutation. Incorporate pranayama methods. Sit and meditate before your self-practice. The possibilities are endless!

2. Take it at your own pace
The beauty of online studying is that every minute is all your own.
If you’re starting your 200hr, it can be very overwhelming to think that normally everything is taught in 30 days! Crazy, right?! and , the beauty of online YTT is that you can shape your study around your own, unique life. You may be a busy at-home parent, a work-aholic, a travelling free-spirit who doesn’t want to stay in one place to study. Whoever you are, you can do as much or as little as you like.
Embrace taking your time, take what you like, and leave what you don’t.
It’s your journey after all!

5. Go deeper in what you learn
As we’ve covered, you have this time to go even deeper into your studying.
You might find one aspect of the YTT that is so much more fascinating than the rest. You may find the history of the Chakras more interesting than the information about alignment in the body. Dive deeper into what interests you!

Be curious, ask questions, ask you mentor for guidance, journal ideas on what fascinates you.

6. Listen to your heart
Throughout the YTT, you will be going through several aspects of the practice. The history, the philosophy, the practice itself, becoming a teacher. The list goes on.
But as you learn, all these wonderfully pieces of material. Listen and see what truly clicks with you and makes your heart beat louder.
This can be the path to find what makes you tick. Your niche. What will make you want to learn further, but also what particular part of the path within yoga you want to dive deeper into.
Never believe that there is one path with Yoga. There are hundreds! Your heart knows what it wants. Be intuitive when it feels right. You never know what could ripple to the surface.

7. Be tender with your creativity
The YTT training can be a wonderful, transformative journey even from the comfort of your home. But it can be overwhelming with your studies. So, regularly check in. see how you’re doing. If you notice that you’re putting too much pressure on your shoulders to be this ‘bad-ass yogi’ & produce hundreds of flows, so you can hit the floor running when you graduate. STOP. Take a breath. Put the books down and think about yourself.
This is a JOURNEY. Not a race to the finish line.
YTT is about finding out about yourself, the studying is the second aspect.
No one is the perfect yogi, teacher or student.
Reflect and make time to be kind, and caring to yourself. Otherwise, how can you with your students?

“One part of wisdom is knowing what you don’t need anymore and letting it go.”
- Jane Fonda

Yay! So happy to hear your are on the magical journey of YOGA TEACHER TRAINING!

At Odyssey, we want to make the online experience of studying just as wonderful & transformative as it would be if you were here in Bali.

So here are our insider tips & tricks to making your online teacher training

C'est Magnifique!

At Odyssey, we are always here to help & support you in your Yoga journey. That's the beauty of online YTT, no matter where you are physically, we can all raise each other higher online. 
So never fear to ask questions, reach out & stay connected.
We're all together in this!

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