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I'm Odyssey's Marketing Intern. Graduate of Odyssey's 200hr YTT, Singer, Creative & Dreamer. 

My goal in life is to bring people happiness & a smile to everyone's face


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The Secret to Success...

March 01, 2020

1. Embody Happiness
I’m guessing you have some ideas of what you want to achieve – perhaps it’s being able to do a full press-up, having a regular yoga practice or trying out a new class at the studio. Whatever you choose, just check in with the reason behind it. Will it spark happiness, even without a physical result? Just check in and see, will I be smiling and laughing once I’ve completed my goal for the day?

2. Keep it Simple
Sometimes the simplest things bring us the most joy & love. Simplicity is sometimes the greatest happiness we can experience.

3. Empower Yourself!
Will this goal make you feel like a superhero, give you motivation to keep showing up every day for yourself?

4. Align with your core values
Does your goal align with what makes you, you? Take time to see if your goals are in sync with your values that you live by?
Take a few moments to journal your core values and check in with whether your goals are intertwined. Are you able to commit to your goal everyday? How will you plan your days to make sure you can be consistent with your goal?

5. Measure Success
Make your goals measurable. Even the goal to be happy can be measured by checking in every day. As you set your goals, ask yourself how you will measure your success, big or small?

Usually, when we come to making changes in our lives. We tend to jump straight to the end result, forgetting all about the journey that comes along with our desires.

This mindset can usually set us up for failure. Leading us to give up too soon, and starting all the way at the beginning again. Making the our desires & dreams seem IMPOSSIBLE!

This is where we're here to help!

At Odyssey, we want to make your dreams a Success, without any doubts of what is to come.

And the best place to start with that.....GOAL SETTING!

These are just ideas to motivate you to take the first steps in what you want in life! So, take what you love & leave what you don't. This is all you!

If this is your first time dipping your toes into Goal Setting - not to fear!
We're giving you our 5 best steps for starting on your path to setting your Goals to achieve your Dreams!


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I love these! Go get 'em', goal setters!
- Taylor

I'm Erin, founder of Odyssey MVMT and lover of tacos.

I've been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 10 years. While working with global companies including lululemon and ClassPass in people, leadership, marketing and community, I visited hundreds of studios around the world and fell in love with world class fitness and yoga experiences. I've compiled my knowledge and expertise into the best courses and trainings I have ever seen, so that you can get all the insider info wrapped up in one!

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