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Odyssey creates one-of-a-kind courses and experiences to help companies and individuals to recreate their corporate wellness strategy from a place of authentic people culture and leadership. 

Whether through company consulting, 1:1 coaching or professional training, work with Odyssey to create shifts in your health, career and relationships that transform your life and the lives of your team and those you wish to serve.

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Wellness is an inside job

We know the truth: you really care about the health of your people (and your business). But if you're anything like us, you need {just a little} help to take your superpowers to the next level.

You need a blueprint and real time data from what works for other businesses. You need help to redefine your team culture and build key leadership skills that result in better employee attraction engagement, retention and talent acceleration. And you need to step into your greatest potential so that you can inspire those around you to do the same.

You're in the right place.

"Erin has a great way of striking the balance between being spiritual and staying connected with reality."


is loving his team's improved company culture


"Erin's personality is so authentic and its evident in every session I've done with her. She's super genuine, has an amazing vibe and is extremely passionate about her art."


feels the weekly love


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Ways we can work together

Work with Erin to build your company culture, health and wellness profile, attraction strategy and professional growth/leadership programs.

COACHING + Consulting

Become a Yoga, Fitness or Mindfulness professional with Odyssey MVMT Academy, with courses available online and in Bali.

Odyssey Pro Health, fitness + yoga COURSES

Turbocharge your life and amp up the volume on your self-belief, goals, career, relationships, happiness and overall fulfilment.

get Personal: 1:1 health & fitness coaching + courses

{yes, you can choose all three!}

“When life gives you lemons, ask for limes + make Margaritas!”

— Odyssey mvmt, everyday

Corporate Wellness Coaching + Consulting

Book a complimentary discovery session with Erin

Work with Erin and the Odyssey team to build your company culture, health and wellness profile, attraction strategy and professional growth/leadership programs

Ready to build the team of your dreams and give them the job of theirs? Want to attract the best talent out there but don't know how to do it without looking desperate? Ready to bucket jump your business results but short on time and resources to get your people inspired (and highly motivated?)

You have a growing business or are a people manager who wants the team of your dreams yesterday and don't know where to start or need a helping hand to accelerate your results.

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Start anytime and study at your own pace from wherever you are in the world. Receive support and mentoring from our Master Trainers as you train online, with the perfect blend of on-demand and live learning to meet all learning styles. The best part? Complete or compliment your training with a Bali intensive course and/or an OdysseyPro retreat.

Go Pro with Odyssey's range of health and fitness courses, designed to take you from 0 to Hero in a few short weeks.

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You are looking to take your knowledge, practice and experience to world class level and train with the best

"Erin's meditation sessions at the start of the work week have really boosted my mood and helped me to feel I can tackle anything throughout the day!"


has discovered her superpowers

Yes, It Really Works

"Erin's sessions give our team amazing guidance on breath work and grounding ourselves before embarking on the work week ahead.

Running sessions virtually can't be easy, but they work perfectly for us, which is a credit to her skills at engaging people remotely."


joins her global team for weekly mindfulness

"Mindfulness with Erin has made me calmer, more focused and less stressed.

Erin radiates positive energy and you take it away with you after finishing a session."


is hooked on the feeling

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Yoga & Fitness Teachers Certified


Clients and individuals coached to success


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