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Falling in love with health and fitness? Ready to get passionate about your career? Perhaps you're ready to make your passion your career! Or take your leadership to the next level.

Whatever your dreams, Odyssey MVMT offers you a complete training solution so you can reach your highest potential and become a world class teacher, trainer or practitioner. 

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Study at your own pace from anywhere in the world, connect with likeminded people and create a life you love.

Corporate Wellness, Yoga Teacher Training and Fitness Coaching for people who want to change the way the world moves.


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Odyssey creates one-of-a-kind courses and experiences to help companies and individuals to reach their highest potential. Through company consulting, 1:1 coaching or professional training, work with Odyssey to create shifts in your workplace or personal health, career and relationships that transform your life and the lives of your team and those you wish to serve.


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A fresh and judgment-free podcast on how to mix the perfect cocktail of yoga, fitness, health, mindfulness, business and adventure! Life recipes, wisdom, fun and inspiration from the best in the {health} biz and beyond. This lil' secret weapon will help you live better, longer and happier!

That Yoga Podcast

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 “Erin's work with my team has transformed our global company culture and improve our communication, client relationships and financial results”

Managing director Transmission agency


Meet Erin, the no bullshit well-preneur here to help you turbocharge your everyday life, purpose, results and happiness

Erin has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 10 years. While working with global companies including lululemon and ClassPass in people, leadership, marketing and community. During this time Erin visited hundreds of studios around the world, compiling her knowledge and expertise into the best course imaginable.

Erin is a walking example that anything is possible when you {gently} place your fears aside to create something that wouldn't otherwise exist. She works with clients globally to help them to realise their potential with a toolkit of magical spells {called strategies in the corporate world} that help to guarantee success while having the adventure of a lifetime.

You'll work with Erin 1:1 during your yoga teacher training  to transform your yoga practice, your health and your life and to create the life of your dreams.  

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