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Press 'Play' on your best life. Get inspired, motivated and effective. Combine your passion with your knowledge, experience and unique flavour and become the fullest expression of yourself.

Whether you love Yoga, Fitness or Mindfulness {or all 3!}, Odyssey's irresistibly fun, dynamic and world renowned professional training courses give you everything you need {and a whole bunch more} to make your dream life your actual life on your terms, in real time.

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Odyssey MVMT is committed to being the best in the world at what we do. Our courses are world class accredited and accepted globally to ensure that you graduate at the top of your game and have the best opportunity to succeed with a global brand backing you.

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We are all about the striking the balance between big vision dreaming and strategic, action. The world is moving at such a fast pace, you need a super vision and a turbocharge to stay ahead. 

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1:1 Support + Instant Community

Yes - you can be a rockstar and still belong to an incredible community. At Odyssey we listen to your needs and offer you individualised support to ensure you graduate from your studies at your best. You'll also connect with incredible students and mentor teachers across the globe, building friendships and a reputation that will carry you far in your professional career.


200hr Yoga
Teacher Training

Odyssey’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course offers you a complete learning experience that will challenge, support and empower you to become the best teacher {and human} that you can be.

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300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Take your teaching and practice to the next level with a creatively curated suite of specialty courses that will enhance your leadership and facilitation skills and light you on fire!

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Odyssey Fitness
Teacher Training

Elevate your passion for health and fitness, and get empowered to share the gift of wellbeing with your family, friends, community and the world! As the fitness industry continues to boom, now is your chance to pair your passion with profit, from anywhere in the world.


"Erin's meditation sessions at the start of the work week have really boosted my mood and helped me to feel I can tackle anything throughout the day!"


has discovered her superpowers

Yes, It Really Works

"Erin's sessions give our team amazing guidance on breath work and grounding ourselves before embarking on the work week ahead.

Running sessions virtually can't be easy, but they work perfectly for us, which is a credit to her skills at engaging people remotely."


joins her global team for weekly mindfulness

"Mindfulness with Erin has made me calmer, more focused and less stressed.

Erin radiates positive energy and you take it away with you after finishing a session."


is hooked on the feeling

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The Guide:
5 Steps to Sparkle -
Get Your Glow On.

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The Wellpreneur Masterclass:
7 Steps to Make Your Dream Job Your Day Job

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Every moment you spend on this planet is an opportunity to create fun, meaningful opportunities for yourself and others.

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