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Dreaming of a Mary Poppins bag where you can find the latest news, round ups and product reviews from the world's leading yoga legends? Craving fresh and innovative inspiration for classes and at-home workouts and flows? Need on-tap resources for personal and professional growth as well as tips on how to nail your biz? All with a smile, a pinch of positivity and a sense of wonder? Consider it done.

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We don't just butter the toast (fact, we'll swap it out for avo and cracked pepper!). Yep, we're 100% real over here and we'll serve you up the latest and greatest straight up style, so you can mix it, shake it up and add it to your life in a helpful way.

The Real Deal on All Things Yoga

Inspo on How to Move Differently

It's our dream to help you to move for the love of it, because you can't help yourself, and to get WAY happier in the process. You'll find buckets of inspiration on how to move, tips from the world's leaders and links to go-song-full playlists.

what you'll get on typ: 

Love every Moment of Creating Game Changing Results

Our other dream? To see you nail your goals. Through interviews with the world's experts on all sorts of things health, wellness and beyond, you'll find chests of gold full of their tips and hints.


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Emily Madagacian on having the relationship of your dreams

Erin Kindt on Moving for the Love of it

Luke Harris on Treading a Little Lighter in Business

Eponine Laming-Nash on her first 30 Days as a Yoga Teacher

Barani Shira on How to Nail your Self-Confidence

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Meet Erin, the no bullshit well-preneur here to help you turbocharge your everyday life, purpose, results and happiness

Erin has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 10 years. While working with global companies including lululemon and ClassPass in people, leadership, marketing and community. During this time Erin visited hundreds of studios around the world, compiling her knowledge and expertise into the best course imaginable.

Erin is a walking example that anything is possible when you {gently} place your fears aside to create something that wouldn't otherwise exist. She works with clients globally to help them to realize their potential with a toolkit of creative strategies that help to guarantee success while kissing burnout goodbye for good.

Work with Erin 1:1, with your team or as part of one of our training courses to build wellness strategies into your work and your life that will help you to get the results you want, AND discover happiness and balance along the way.


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TYP is the podcast for people who want to get lit on life. With our worldly, inspiring and FUN guests, we get down and dirty to dissect and discuss strategies to live and breathe modern mindfulness and to prime your body, mind and spirit to go after your dreams, dance along your edges and love the shit out of each moment you have on this planet.

Our superpower is helping people become the best version of themselves while building (and living) a life of abundance, happiness and peace. 

- Eponine

"This podcast changed the way I move. Each week, Erin and the Odyssey team inspire me to try something new and move for the love of it."

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- Alex

"I literally tell everyone about this podcast. I mean everyone. Like, to the point where I'm even annoying myself."

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- maya

"This podcast helped me re-launch my yoga business. For real. I don't know where I would be without it. I'm finally living my dream life"

Five Stars:

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