How it all began:

Odyssey's creator, Erin Kindt, has followed her passions for People, Health and Fitness and Mindful Business for almost 20 years. Following a swift exit from a career in Law, Erin worked with global companies including lululemon and ClassPass in people, leadership, brand, marketing and community and built her skills in training and leading teams to success.

During her 'corporate fitness' career {AKA the best type of corporate life ever!}, Erin visited thousands of studios around the world, compiling her knowledge and expertise and sparking her creativity to create Odyssey, a one-of-a-kind philosophy, framework and studio concept focused on using Movement, Mindset and State Shifting Strategy to create everyday transformation.

Since its birth, Erin and her Odyssey team have touched thousands of teams and individuals globally via online and in-person consulting and workshops, retreats and professional training programs.

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Erin is a walking example {and a passionate believer} that anything is possible when you {gently} place your fears aside to create something that wouldn't otherwise exist. She works with clients {companies and individuals} globally to help them to realise their potential with a toolkit of magical spells {called strategies in the corporate world} that help to guarantee success while having the adventure of a lifetime and uncovering the happiness that is your deepest truth.

Erin's superpower is elevating the highest potential in others.

Through courses and coaching, she works with companies and individuals to align purpose, goals and strategies with values to create abundance, freedom and happiness. 

Work with Erin to transform your work, your health and your relationships and to embrace living an unapologetically incredible, 0-regrets life, one that you'll look back on at 90 and think 'I made the most of every moment'.

Erin is a BELIEVER IN:

Kindness, straight talk, coffee, short emails, long chats with amazing people, books, dad jokes and cutting out the 'ew' to make room for the 'yew'.


Queues, fluff, soul-less pop music, boring as hell workouts and rudeness.


Floating around on a malibu surfboard in the ocean, cruising Canggu on an OG turquoise Honda cafe-racer bike or tapping away on her sparkly laptop to 90's hip hop and nudisco.

daily rituals

Morning breathwork and affirmations, an hour of sweaty movement doing what she loves, coconuts, cuddles and sunset beach walks.






A  Spicy Margarita

The Untethered Soul

A massage



Daft Punk {and our latest Podcast episode!}

My Favorite Things

Yoga ~ even after all these years, there is nothing like landing on the mat after a tricky day and flowing, reflecting and letting go. It's my therapy!

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The ocean~ it always brings a sense of calm, serenity and space, which leads to inspiration and new ideas.

I love to wake up early, go for a sunrise run, make a magical Bali health cocktail and do breathwork in my pool, followed by meditation, writing and a 'Let's go Americano'!

Morning rituals:

Daily Go-To:

Happy place:

My Favorite Things

Travel and spending time in nature- I love getting off the beaten track, hiking, diving and exploring into unknown territory.

My guilty pleasure

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Gelato. Lemon or Pistachio. Makes me feel like I'm strolling the streets of Positano on a European Summer-y  afternoon.

Florist! I just adore flowers.

If I wasn't a  Well-preneur,
I'd be a...

What turns
me on...

This      That











night owl





Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

"Erin is a wonderful coach and person, warm, positive, friendly and only good vibes

Chungpuo, China

so they say:

Learn how to live and work in your zone of genius to create a life you don't need to escape from? Odyssey's E-Course combines ritual, meditation, personal development and reflection to help you to (re)design a life sexy, you can't wait to make love to it every morning.

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Let's work together

The world is a big place and the possibilities are endless which can be as scary as it is exciting!

Team up with Odyssey - join our incredible yoga and fitness professional community to get connected to your superpowers and find guidance, inspiration and support as you build and turbocharge your career in health and wellness.

One team, One Dream.