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Here’s the five irrefutable reasons why integrating these two game-changers will skyrocket your business:

5 Reasons You Need Both Wellness and Leadership at Work

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Hey, CEOs, managers and changemakers. Today, we’re discussing an investment strategy that doesn’t involve spreadsheets or boardroom brawls, but one with a guaranteed return on happiness, productivity, and, yes, profit. We’re talking about the potent synergy between workplace wellness and leadership excellence.

Think of it like this: You’ve got a high-performance sports car – your talented team. But without the right fuel and skillful driving (leadership), you’re stuck at the starting line and it’s impossible to gain momentum. Workplace wellness is the premium octane that unleashes your team’s full potential, backed up by data-driven leadership behind the wheel, driving for success.

Here’s the five irrefutable reasons why integrating these two game-changers will skyrocket your business:

1. Productivity Unleashed:

Forget caffeine and overtime. Studies such as Gallup’s 2018 report, reveal that employees prioritizing well-being are 21% more productive. Imagine laser-sharp focus, boundless energy, and innovative ideas fueled by a balanced lifestyle. Now, couple that with clear goals and transparent communication – the hallmarks of effective leadership – and watch your team smash deadlines like Usain Bolt on a sugar rush.

2. Employee Devotion: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage:

Happy employees are loyal employees, right? Cigna confirms it, with their study showing 27% higher engagement among those in wellness programs. But engagement isn’t enough. You need devotion, the kind that comes from feeling valued and supported. Enter data-driven leadership: regular feedback, recognition programs, and a culture of inclusion. SHRM’s 2020 report agrees – 80% of recognized employees feel more engaged, translating to unwavering dedication to your company’s goals.

3. Slash Absenteeism:

The RAND Corporation found that wellness programs can reduce absenteeism by a staggering 20%. And according to the CDC, they save a cool $6,121 per employee per year on healthcare costs. Now, that’s leadership worth its weight in gold. Proactive health initiatives, preventive measures, and a healthy workforce – it’s a win-win for everyone.

4. Attract and Retain Top Talent:

The war for talent is fierce, and 70% of job seekers, as per LinkedIn’s 2019 survey, prioritize a healthy company culture. Make yours a wellness oasis with yoga classes, healthy lunch options, and flexible work arrangements. Then, add the mentorship and professional development opportunities that leadership excellence brings, and you’ve got a talent magnet that’ll attract the best and keep them thriving. Willis Towers Watson’s 2020 study confirms it – strong wellness programs translate to a 25% lower turnover rate.

5. Cultivate a Positive Culture and Create an Innovation Incubator:

Remember those brainstorming sessions that fizzled out faster than a flat soda? UC Berkeley’s 2017 research holds the key: companies with high employee well-being have more positive cultures. How do you cultivate this magic? Leadership sets the tone: transparent communication, celebrating achievements, and creating an inclusive environment (SHRM, 2021) are the cornerstones. The result? A vibrant atmosphere where collaboration, innovation, and a sense of community flourish, propelling your business to new heights.

The Bottom Line:

Investing in workplace wellness and leadership excellence isn’t just a feel-good exercise; it’s a strategic imperative. The data, studies and success stories show us that a healthy, engaged team guided by exceptional leadership is the bedrock of sustainable business brilliance. The best part? You’ll have more fun at work and your life will get infinitely easier when you have a solid team who are happy, supportive and motivated to help you drive the car. So embrace the future of work and watch your bottom line soar as high as your team’s spirits.

Remember, CEOs and changemakers, the greatest asset your company has isn’t a fancy office or a groundbreaking product, but the well-being and potential of your people. Invest in them, and watch your business thrive. Need support building your wellness culture? Speak to us about our tailored wellness in the workplace programs and invest in the longevity of your people brand with wellness that works- book a free consultation with Erin to discuss your people goals.


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